"Yanick, can you summarize the whole concept of TypeScript via a singular meme cognistream?" "Well, but of course! There you go." youtube.com/watch?v=Qq4j1LtCdw

Verg tried to take a bath. He took damage to the point of almost dying.

"There is no shame in admitting that your opponent is smarter or stronger than you are."

"Verg, it's a door."

Learned that my cryomancer can create shooters made of ice at will.


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Using the radioactive decay present in a banana to generate random numbers. Even if you don't appreciate the math/code/hardware behind it, you can appreciate the aesthetic of this Arduino-based generator and banana holder.

Quick explanation: hackster.io/news/the-just-bana

More complex (including code and math/probability), from the developer: valerionappi.it/brng-en/

TFW you had a code review where they made you "simplify" your design, and you knew it was doing to backfire nastily three features down the road.

And you're now three features down the road.

TFW you come up with a progressive plan that migrates things one by one with easy rollbacks, and it's met with "nah, do it all at once in a way that maximize the possibility that everything will be FUBAR."

... Okay then.

Those sprint planning meetings look more and more like scenes lifted straight off Sharknado.

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If, like me, you've been happily paying $0 to Google for decades for custom domain hosting ("Legacy G Suite Plan"), you need to tell Google you want to keep it by June 27th or you're going to start paying lots of money every month. news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3

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@yenzie All those, and I'm also fond of [ASH](ashcss.rocks) and [Picnic](picnicss.com) for aesthetically pleasing baselines that I can tweak.

I *kinda* like [Superkube](imperavi.com/superkube/) as a SCSS-based approach to style classes like Tailwind, but ultimately finding the same challenges: my HTML is less readable, and I don't get how they use CSS variables well enough to make a consistent design adjustment so it's all manual rejiggering of templates.

Btw, I know a lot of people love Tailwind. But for me it goes in the wrong direction. Instead of pushing semantic class names in the HTML and dealing with the styling in the CSS, it pushes the styling as part of the class names. 11/10

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So those are my recommendations and thoughts. At least for this week. :-)



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In my list, pico.css is probably the most "pure", but Chota has less variables to make me agonize. Colors? Primary, secondary, warning, and that's mostly it. The list can be extended, but the point is that it starts somewhere, but somewhere simple. 9/?

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The main takeaway for me is that I need a basic library to give me a skeleton and break decision paralysis, but building the more complex components with Svelte, HTML and CSS is often much less hard than one would expect. 8/?

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There is also Pico.css picocss.com That one is even more semantic-driven than the other ones. It's a little more fluffy than Chota, so technically still trivial to be customized, but it has more variables and thus mentally less "easy" to do so. 7/?

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