Status: rewatching Alien. On VHS too, for max zeerust flavor.

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Dean Hamstead from the The Perl and Raku Foundation Marketing Committee has sent an invitation to present about #Rex at The Perl and Raku Conference 2023. I’m posting it here to increase visibility.

We are happy to provide support and feedback to speakers on our channels:

If you were looking for a great opportunity to present about Rex, this is it! :)

#opensource #rexops #perl #devops

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Call For Papers deadline is March 31! Have anything you want to present at this summer’s @Perl and #RakuLang Conference?

We’re definitely looking for anything about #Rex, the friendly #OpenSource #automation framework for #DevOps implemented in #Perl. See this post:

Looking for board games at the thrift store, i found a copy of "Can you eat Ken". ... o.O

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"I'm pretty confident I can give them something good in 3 days. A week if I have some help."

Smart-assingly hubristic, all round terrible, but not inaccurate...

One of this year's tenets for me:

I'm not the dumbass whisperer anymore.

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People don't fake depression, they fake being okay. Remember that and be kind.

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teacher: what does “agnostic” mean?

me: I don’t know

teacher: correct! how about “ambivalent”?

me: *shrug*

teacher: yes! how about “nihilistic”?

me: what difference does any of this make?

teacher: amazing

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I keep myself sharp by regularly asking myself tough questions like “what happened yesterday?” and “why did I come upstairs?”

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I confess myself a bit baffled by people who act like "how to interact with ChatGPT" is a useful classroom skill. It's not a word processor or a spreadsheet; it doesn't have documented, well-defined, reproducible behaviors. No, it's not remotely analogous to a calculator. Calculators are built to be *right*, not to sound convincing. It's a bullshit fountain. Stop acting like you're a waterbender making emotive shapes by expressing your will in the medium of liquid bullshit. The lesson one needs about a bullshit fountain is *not to swim in it*.

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So, looks like my contract will be up end of February.

Anyone looking for a Perl guy?

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Fun Fact: People in the Old West used to attach lanterns to their saddles so that they could follow trails home easier at night.

It wasn't GPS, but it was...Saddle Light Navigation.

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@Sardonicus “The wages of sin is death but so is the salary of virtue, and at least the evil get to go home early on Fridays.” (Terry Pratchett)

Hmmm... papercss might actually be an awesome component library for a game app. ( for the svelte wrapper)

People who have bots spewing their trash to the slack channels meant for human communications and drowning signal to noise with a ratio > 10:1 deserve to be tasered right in the nasal cavity.

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